"Tomorrow's diesel mechanics, doctors, radiologists, journalists, architechts, office managers, fruit marketers, computer technicians are in West Valley's classrooms today.  They have the potential and motivation.  All they need to reach their goals is your support. They need financial assistance, and they need to know that you believe in them." -Sheryl Pace-Opfer, 1984 WV grad. 
Since 1994, West Valley Dollars for Scholars® has been dedicated to raising money with the express purpose of awarding scholarships to graduating seniors.  It is our intent not only to assist the recipients in furthering their education beyond high school, but it is also an opportunity to acknowledge success here at West Valley.  Our money comes from fundraising events, as well as donations from local businesses, non-profit organizations, professional groups, individuals, and memorial scholarships.  We are affiliated with Scholarship America®
West Valley Dollars for Scholars

PO Box 8248

Yakima WA  98908